#254 Sceptile
6th Gen Dex

Trainer's Pokémon

  Wally/Emerald's Sceptile
Gender Nickname Ability
Male N/A Overgrow
Attacks Body Slam, Detect, Focus Punch, Frenzy Plant, Iron Tail, Leaf Blade, Leech Seed
This Sceptile evolved from Grovyle after being washed ashore on an island. It was subsequently ambushed and captivated by Guile Hideout, who smuggled it into the Battle Factory of Hoenn. After Emerald realized that it wasn’t a renal Pokemon, he took it away from the Factory, and later learnt that it was the Treecko he was meant to receive from Prof. Birch.
# Chapter Notes
307 VS Glalie
308 VS Kirlia
312 VS Regirock
313 VS Regice
314 VS Smeargle
316 VS Surskit II
317 VS Shedinja
318 VS Shedinja II
319 VS Vileplume I
320 VS Vileplume II
321 VS Kirlia
322 VS Sceptile
323 VS Charizard I
325 VS Starmie
327 VS Gulpin
328 The Final Battle I
329 The Final Battle II
330 The Final Battle III
332 The Final Battle V
333 The Final Battle VI
335 The Final Battle VIII
336 The Final Battle IX
337 Epilogue
000 VS Gardevoir & Gallade
001 VS Latios & Latias

Imaginatory Pokémon

In Emerald’s explanation of his rental Pokemon line-up choice
# Chapter Notes
306 VS Pinsir

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