#700 Sylveon
6th Gen Dex

Trainer's Pokémon

  Y's Sylveon
Gender Nickname Ability
Female Veevee N/A
Attacks Disarming Voice, Draining Kiss, Misty Terrain, Quick Attack, Swift
Y’s Eevee evolved into this Sylveon during an ambush by Team Flare at the Mini-game Corner.
# Chapter Notes
009 VS Sylveon
026 VS Gengar
027 VS Mega Gengar
028 VS Braixen
029 VS Quilladin
030 VS Goomy
032 VS Flabebe
035 VS Pinsir
036 VS Hawlucha
039 VS Greninja
043 VS Mega Mewtwo X
044 VS Zygarde I
045 VS Zygarde II

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