Colosseum, just a week away from release in Japan some more information has been found in interviews, here it is (I will blend it into the section in the next few days)

In the Oore Region (and every region for that matter) Snatching Pokémon is illegal. Team Snatch Snatch Pokémon and make them evil. You just snatch them. Still breaking the law by keeping them.

Mirei is found being kidnapped by Team Snatch, she helps identify Dark Pokémon that Team Snatch have turned.
There are no Wild Pokémon in the Oore Region, your only way of obtaining them is the illegal art of snatching.
Colosseum Contains Old Pokémon, R/S Pokémon and One never before seen Pokémon, could this Pokémon be Deoxys??? Only time can tell

We'll have more in the week following Colosseum's Release

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