With the news yesterday, also comes some pictures from Corocoro, proving that the picture here is 100% real:

Pokémon Advance League?

Now, who is Haruka, that we do not know. We know she has an Achamo and she also has a little brother called Masato. Who is the Kid in the bottom right of the above picture. It is not known if Masato travels around with the gang or not. It appears likely that their father is the person battling Ash in the pictures below. We know Haruka is now in the show and that Misty definately leaves. Here are the pictures proving it:

They see another mysterious Pokémon?Ash battling a trainer with a rather odd PokémonPikachu releases a Thunderbolt out on everybody

So in case you are still un-sure, Haruka and Masato are now part of the Community:

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