Like with all Pokémon games, Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire ends with the Elite Four, a group of four trainers you must defeat to proceed. While it is likely that they will match what was on the originals, this page only contains details known about the new games

Elite Four #1: Sidney
Elite Four Member: Sidney
Specialty: Dark-type

Sidney is the first member of the Elite Four and is one of the few Dark-type focused bosses in the entire history of the franchise. He will use Pokémon such as Shiftry in his battles

Elite Four #2: Phoebe
Elite Four Member: Phoebe
Specialty: Ghost-type

The second member is Phoebe. While you wouldn't expect it from her, she focuses in Ghost-type Pokémon and, in an upgrade from the originals, uses a Dusknoir in her battles.

Champion: Steven Stone
Elite Four Member: Steven
Specialty: Rock & Steel-type

Having encountered Steven Stone numerous times across the Hoenn region, it turns out that he is the champion of the Hoenn region. When you battle him, he will use his Mega Stickpin to Mega Evolve his Metagross.

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