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A puzzle game with Pokemon -- and it only took Nintendo four years to come up with it! One of the surprises at this year's E3 was the appearance of a game called Pokemon Puzzle League. We quickly discovered, however, that it must be the game previously known as Pokemon Attack, a Pokemon-based puzzle game that we knew nothing about. Well, now we know a bit more about it, and we're here to share.

Pokemon Puzzle League is in the same ranks as Tetris Attack! (well, okay, it's pretty much the same game) -- it's a puzzle game that challenges players to defeat opponents by performing better than them, lining up blocks of the same color. This time, the blocks come down and Pokemon Puzzle Masters can move a cursor that will switch two blocks. When three blocks of the same color touch, they disappear, letting blocks above them fall down. If the blocks that fall then touch three or more blocks of the same color, they disappear too -- and hence players can set up combos to send garbage to their opponent, making it harder for them to keep up with the falling blocks. The game sounds, and looks, like a basic puzzle game, but the Pokemon theme will carry it a bit farther than most. While we're not sure if all the Pokemon from the Game Boy games will be in it, it's certain that there will be several of the Pokemon from Red and Blue, as well as a bunch from the upcoming Gold and Silver. The game should also have plenty of variety, with six single-player modes and three multiplayer modes. However, in the end, it'll still be just a revamp of Tetris Attack!

The game will hit for the Nintendo 64 on September 24, and the Game Boy Color November 20. The N64 version will have more of an adventure as players control Ash and Pikachu as they attempt to defeat the Pokemon Puzzle Master. Some of the fields are even 3D, and the various modes include head-to-head, Puzzle University (where players solve puzzles), and Mimic Mansion (players mimic a puzzle master).

From what we've seen thus far, it may not have all the cool features we've come to associate with the Pokemon franchise, but there's still time to do plenty of work on the game. Since it's hitting for both N64 and GBC, we expect there to be some sort of communication between them using the Transfer Pak, but Nintendo hasn't confirmed that yet. Thus far it looks like Tetris Attack! with Pokemon characters -- certainly not a bad thing, but far from a blockbuster title, even with the Pokemon overtones. We'll bring you more information on this one as we get it.

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