Volume 04 - Squirtle!

This Volume Showcases Squirtle, here is a list of the episodes in it:

Here Comes the Squirtle Squad!

After catching Bulbasaur and Charmander, Ash and co. come across a bunch of Squirtle who like causing mischief. However the Squirtle Squad are tricked by Team Rocket and kidnap Ash & Co. Can Ash escape and help the Squirtle Squad change their ways??

The Island Of Giant Pokémon!

After being thrown from Gyarados' Twister attack, Ash & co. are seperated from their Pokémon. Can they put their differences aside to find eachother and save themselves from the Huge Pokémon or will they turn on eachother?

Fit To Be Tide

With his new friends, Tracey & Lapras in tow, they ride Lapras around the Orange Islands on the gym Challenge. Arriving at Maikan Island, Ash finds the first gym, but when he finds out that they arent battle orientated...Ash finds himself out of his league...can he win the Shooting Contests and the Surfing Contest to get the Coral Eye Badge?

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