Volume 1!

This Volume Starts the Side Story Sagas, here is a list of the episodes in it:

Legend of Thunder

In New Bark Town, 3 Pokémon trainers who left their hometown several years earlier meet up. They become aware that Team Rocket is trying to capture the Legendary Beast, Raikou. They decide that they cannot let that happen. They work together but will they save Raikou from Team Rocket?

Pikachu's Winter Vacation - Delibird's Dilemma

Whilst Playing, Totodile accidently shoots a snowball into the air hitting a Delibird. This happens to be Santa's Delibird and all it's presents are thrown about everywhere. Its up to Pikachu & co. to get the Presents back before Christmas is ruined

Pikachu's Winter Vacation - Snorlax Snowman

When Pikachu & Co. Make some Snowmen in the Snow, Totodile makes a 'Snow'lax. After going to sleep, the 'Snow' comes to life and ask Pikachu & Co. to help it go back to it's group on 'Snow'laxes. Can Pikachu help 'Snow'lax?

A Family That Battles Together, Stays Together

Returning Home after his Journey through Johto, Brock discovers that things at the gym have changed. His mother is trying to turn it into a Water Gym and its up to Brock to stop it with his Rock Pokémon. Can he do this?

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