Volumes 2 & 3!

This Volume Continues the Side Story Sagas, here is a list of the episodes in it:

Cerulean Blue

Returning Home after her Journey through Johto, Misty arrives at the gym to find it under attack from the Fighting brothers aswell as a Gyarados that her sisters left behind. And to make things worse, its time for the annual gym inspection. Can Misty sort things out in time?

We're No Angels

After being Blasted off by Ash & Co. Team Rocket land near a village that is under attack. Asked to help they decide to try and stop the attacks. Will they finally succeed?

Showdown at the Oak Corral

Its a usual day at Oak's Lab, all Ash's Pokémon are out having fun, but Butch & Cassidy soon appear with the intent of stealing as many Pokémon as possible. Can they be stopped?

The Blue Badge of Courage

When Sakura comes to Cerulean Gym for a match, Misty is shocked to find there are no Cascade Badges left. She calls her sisters and finds out how to make them. Misty, Sakura & Tracey soon head off to create them. However they need to go through some challenges first. Can they defeat them?


In Pallet Town for a visit, Richie goes to see Professor Oak, however the Professor is meant to be off recording a TV Program. Richie and Tracey go to meet him there to discover that he has been kidnapped. It turns out Butch & Cassidy are behind it and are looking to find out about Pokérus. Can Richie & Tracey find Oak before its too late?

A Date With Delcatty

Casey has stopped by the Cerulean Gym to see her old friend Misty. However while there, Misty recieves a note telling her to meet a person. She goes to meet him to find out he has a crush on her. However Butch & Cassidy have their eyes set on his Pokémon...

Celebi & Joy

Richie is travelling through a bustling town where he sees that the Pokémon Center is about to get demolished by an old man. However the old Nurse Joy won't let this happen causing problems. Celebi appears and sends Richie back in time to see that they once knew eachother. Can Richie re-awaken their spirits to stop the destruction?

Training Daze

Team Rocket Recall their Rocket Training involving where they meet and how they get past the trials. Can they get the Red Snorlax before Butch & Cassidy?

Journey To The Starting Line

Its the day when Gilbert gets his first Pokémon in Oak's Lab. However as he's deciding whether to pick them or not, some ruckus occurs in the lab and the three starters run off. Its up to Oak, Gilbert, Tracey and Mrs. Ketchum to find them. Can they?

Putting The Air Back Into Aerodactyl

Gary has invited Prof. Oak & Tracey to a nearby island where an Aerodactyl has recently been revived and is causing problems in town. Gary needs to know how to stop it. Can he?

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