Volumes 4!

This Volume Continues & Finishes the Side Story Sagas, here is a list of the episodes in it:

Luvdisc Is A Many Splendored Thing

Misty & Daisy have recently got some new Pokémon, Luvdisc. Daisy intends to use them in an upcoming performance at the gym. Howeevr Butch & Cassidy have their eyes set on them and its up to Misty, Tracey & Daisy to hide them.

Those Darned Electabuzz

During her travels, Casey bumps into a Charizard that is running away from the Electabuzz baseball team. It turns out htat it cannot use Fire Attacks or Fly making it useless. Casey decides to help the team by teaching it how to fly and use fire attacks. Can she succeed?

The Search For A Legend

On Mt. Ember, Richie meets up with a man called Silver who is intending to climb the Mountain to see Moltres, a Legendary Pokémon he saw as a child. However Butch & Cassidy have joined him in disguise with hopes of capturing Moltres...

Trouble In Big Town

When the Pichu Brothers fight, they knock out eachother and one of them slides on a skateboard out of town with Wooper chasing him. His brother and his friends have to look for him. But When the Missing Pichu ends up high above the rest, things start to go wrong. Can the Pichu Brothers be Re-united?

Big Meowth, Little Dreams!

It's a standard day in Millenium Town, however Meowth has come to town and loses his Picnic Basket after meeting up with Teddiursa. Can he find it?

Piece'a Pizza Peace Pizazz!

Meowth gets a part-time Job delivering Pizzas and gets the Pichu Possé to help him deliver them. Can the Pizzas be delivered on time?

Of Meowth & Pokémon

There have been food thefts all around Millenium town so the Pichu Possé investigate to try and find this invisible foe and get their food back. Can they do this?

A Little Skitty

Meowth has fallen in love with one of it's neighbours, a beautiful Skitty. However Azurill keeps getting in the way of Meowth's attempts to flirt. Can he get Skitty to like him?

Christmas Night!

When Ash, Brock and Misty go into Prof. Oak's lodge for the Christmas Break, they leave the Pokémon in charge of the cabin. Things start going wrong when the Pokémon have their fun. It's up to them to save the Christmas spirit in the house!

Ice Games!

When Pikachu and friends go out for a nice winter stroll, they come across a Kangaskhan and her child. They get the kid Kangaskhan to play with them, but in doing so they end up in danger. Can they get out of it?

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