Volume 5 - Thunder Shock

Volume 3 Continues the Saga, here is a list of the episodes in it:

Mystery At the Lighthouse!

Disheartened by Brock & Misty saying all Ash's Pokemon just joined him, Ash runs off and catches a Krabby. They find out they are in the middle of nowhere so they go to a Lighthouse where Bill lives. After talking about Pokémon, Bill mentions a large Pokémon that he talks to. Will Bill meet that Pokémon?

Electric Shock Showdown!

Arriving in Vermillion City, Ash is anxious to battle the gym leader. However the gym leader is unbeatable and has a Raichu. After losing the first time...Ash needs to rethink his strategy...can Pikachu really beat this Raichu?

Battle Aboard the St Anne!

When Ash & co get given tickets for the St Anne, Ash notices that there are multiple trainers there. To which he trades his Butterfree for a Raticate. But before long Team Rocket attack and damage the ship. Can Ash get off the ship and get his Butterfree back?

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