Volume 7 - Psychic Suprise

This Volume Continues the Indigo Saga, here is a list of the episodes in it:

The Ghost Of Maiden's Peak!

At the end of Summer, Ash & Co arrive in a town that has a legend of a Maiden who waited for her love long enough to turn into stone. The ghost of that Maiden arrives and entrances James & Brock. Can Ash & Co. save their friends from this "Gastly" Ghost?

Bye, Bye Butterfree!

It's mating season for the Butterfree, Ash sees the Butterfree and lets his one out so it can find a mate. However Team Rocket comes and kidnaps all of the Butterfree, including Butterfree's prospective mate. Can Butterfree save the Butterfree and get it's mate back?

Abra & The Psychic Pokémon!

Now in Saffron City, Ash wants to challenge the gym leader there who uses Psychic Pokémon. However in battle with Pikachu against Abra, Abra evolves and the tables turn for Ash. Will he win this battle or will he suffer a shameful defeat?

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