Volume 10 - Fighting Tournament

This Volume Continues the Indigo Saga, here is a list of the episodes in it:

The Punchy Pokémon!

After finding a Hitmonchan owned by a trainer, Ash decides to enter a Fighting Contest called the P1 Contest with his Primeape. Does Ash stand a chance or will he be K.O'd in the first Round?

Sparks Fly For Magnemite

When Pikachu gets ill, Ash & Co take it to a Pokémon Center to find out there is no power coming from the Power Plant. They go to investigate to find a hundreds of Grimer led by a Muk stopping electricity being generated...and to make matter worse, Pikachu is being stalked!

Dig Those Diglett!

When a bunch of Diglett and Dugtrio stop creation of a Dam, all Pokémon trainers are being recruited to help get rid of them...but the Dam is going to destroy habitats of Pokémon. Can Ash & co. save the Diglett from the Construction Workers?

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