Volume 12 - Pikachu Party!

This Volume Continues the Indigo Saga, here is a list of the episodes in it:

The Bridge Bike Gang!

Ash & Co. have to get across to a City over a bridge, however you need a bike to go along it. The only way they can get the bike is if they deliver Medicine to the Pokémon Centers...however there is a Bike Gang that intends to stop them. Can Ash get the medicine there in time?

Ditto's Mysterious Mansion

Coming across a house in the middle of nowhere, Ash & co encounter a Ditto and it's Trainer, a master of disguise. However the Ditto has trouble mimicing the faces and to make matters worse, Team Rocket kidnaps it. Can they save it and can Ditto learn how to do faces?

Pikachu's Goodbye!

While in a forest, Pikachu hears the cries of other Pikachu as one is being swept to a waterfall. Pikachu saves it and becomes accepted as part of the Pikachu Community. Will Ash leave Pikachu here?

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