Volume 15 - Charizard

This Volume Continues the Indigo Saga, here is a list of the episodes in it:

Attack Of the Prehistoric Pokémon!

Arriving at a canyon to find an old fashioned fossil hunt, Ash & Co decide to join in. But Team Rocket arrive and intend to blow the canyon up. In doing so, Ash & Pikachu fall into a pit which is full of awakened ancient Pokemon. Can they get out with their lives?

A Chansey Operation

After Pikachu gets an apple stuck in it's throat, Ash & co. rush it to a hospital. After being treated, they hear of a traffic accident that has left many Pokémon injured so Ash & Co. are recruited to help treat the Pokémon. Can they do it?

Holy Matrimony!

After finding a Missing Person sign featuring James. Ash & Co. decide to find James and inform him of his parents demise. However when James' parents turn out to be alive, they concoct a plan to get James married to Jessibelle. Will James suffer the wrath of Jessibelle or will he stay with Team Rocket & Jessie?

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