Volume 18 - Water Blast

This Volume Continues the Indigo Saga, here is a list of the episodes in it:

Riddle Me This

Heading to Cinnibar Island, Ash is dismayed to find the gym gone from the Island. Desperate for his 7th badge, Ash goes around and meets Blaine, a riddle master who tells him that the gym is still there. Can Ash find it?

Volcanic Panic

Having lost his match at the Cinnibar Gym, Ash is upset and intends to battle again. But when Team Rocket invade the gym and cause the Volcano to go Critical, Ash & Blaine and their Charizard & Magmar must work together to stop it. Will Ash stop it and get another battle?

Beach Blank-Out Blastoise!

When trying to catch the last Ferry back to Kanto, Ash trips over a Wartortle and sees that there is a problem at the Blastoise island, the Blastoise on it has fallen into a Deep Sleep. Can Ash help?

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