Volume 20 - The Final Badge

This Volume Continues the Indigo Saga, here is a list of the episodes in it:

Clefairy Tales

In Viridian City, Ash & Co are victim to several thefts by some Clefairy. Whilst investigating, they discover the Clefairy are building a space ship. Can they find their things before the ship takes off?

The Battle For The Badge

In Viridian City, Ash goes to the gym, but Gary gets in there before him and gets beaten by a never before seen Pokémon. Luckily Giovanni leaves the gym and puts Jessie and James in charge. Can Ash beat them and get the badge?

It's Mr. Mime Time!

Heading back to Pallet Town, Ash & Co see a Mr. Mime trying to escape from its trainer who runs a circus. Unable to get the Mr. mime to care, Ash & Co have to find another one. Can they do this?

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