Volume 21 - The Poké Corral!

This Volume Continues the Indigo Saga, here is a list of the episodes in it:

Holiday Hi-Jynx

Finding a lone Jynx holding Santa's Shoe. Ash decides to help it find it's trainer Santa...but things get messy when Jessie & James take Santa hostage. Can Ash & co. get there in time and save him?

Snow Way Out

While travelling across a Mountain, Pikachu gets blown away by a harsh wind. Ash decides to follow it so he can get his friend back. In doing so he gets lost overnight. Can Ash and his Pokemon survive or will they become Poké-sicles

Showdown at Poké Corral!

Back at Pallet Town, Ash finds Gary already there wantning to partake in the Pokémon League. Having a constant quarral with Gary, Oak tells them both the meaning of Pokemon. Meanwhile, Team Rocket are trying to get inside the Lab and steal the Pokémon. Can they be stopped

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