Volume 22 - Hang Ten, Pikachu!

This Volume Continues the Indigo Saga, here is a list of the episodes in it:

The Evolution Solution

Sent to Seafoam Island to learn from Prof. Westwood V, Ash & co get caught in a bit of research of his, the explaining why Slowpoke and Shellder evolve together into Slowbro. However Team Rocket have another plan...to get the Shellder and steal the Slowbro for themselves...

The Pi-Kahuna

Still training on Seafoam Island, Ash decides to go Surfing...but when he gets a cramp and passes out, he meets Victor and his special Surfing Pikachu. They learn that Victor is intending to surf the biggest wave of all and plant his flag at the top of a huge rock. Can he do it?

Make Room For Gloom!

Gone to get some Fertiliser for his mom, Ash & Co meet a trainer in charge of the "Nursery" who owns a Gloom. Brock fawns over her while Ash shows her how to use Grass Pokémon. But when Team Rocket come in to steal the Grass Pokemon...its up to her and her Gloom to save the day

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