Volume 24 - Into The Arena!!

This Volume Continues the Indigo Saga, here is a list of the episodes in it:

The Ancient Puzzle of Pokémopolis!

While training, Ash & Co accidentally uncover some ruins of Pokémopolis, an ancient city. After a bit of research, they find a giant Gengar and a Giant Alakazam appear and start fighting...possibly to end the world...can they be stopped?

Bad To The Bone

Heading to the Pokémon League, Ash & Co meet a trainer Otoshi who recently had his 8 badges stolen from him by Team Rocket. Ash, being able to sympathise with him, decides to help. Can they get the badges back before they're both late for the league?

All Fired Up!

They're here...the Indigo Pokemon League. It is at the time of running the Moltres flame to the League. Ash, as a participant, is free to carry the flame...but when Team Rocket decide to steal it, the League may not go on...can Ash save the flame...or maybe a firey pal?

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