Volume 25 - ROUND ONE!

This Volume Continues the Indigo Saga, here is a list of the episodes in it:

Round One - Begin!

It is the first Round on the Water field. A 3 on 3 Pokémon battle against a Trainer called Mandy who has a Golbat, Seadra and Exeggutor. Can Ash defeat this trainer or will he be knocked out in the first round

Fire & Ice

After beating the Second round in the Rock Field, Ash gets lost in town looking for food and has to find a Pokémon Center...which are all full. Can Ash heal them in time for the third round on the Ice Field?

Fourth Round Rumble

Its getting to the 4th Round. Gary has lost, Ash is the only Pallet Trainer left in. Its on the Grass field in another 3 on 3 battle against Jeanette's Beedrill, Scyther and Bellsprout. Can Ash win this battle and get into the Finals

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