Volume 26 - Friends & Rivals!

This Volume Finishes the Indigo Saga, here is a list of the episodes in it:

A Friend In Deed!

After Beating the 4th Round, Ash has to prepare for the finals...only 16 trainers left, Ash is anxious...however he meets a trainer called Richie who also go through. They both fall for a scheme of Team Rockets and have their Pokemon stolen, can they get them back?

Friend Or Foe Alike

After finding out he will be battling Richie, Ash gets tricked by Team Rocket to get away from the Indigo Stadium just before the battle. With no form of transport, Ash is stuck there...can he get back to the stadium in time for the battle...or will he be forced to forfeit?

Friends Til The End

After losing to Richie, Ash is mopeing around annoyed that he lost. Convinced by Misty that he should support Richie who is now in the Quarter Finals. However when Richie loses, they both have to look inside themselves to see if they are any good

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