Volume 41 - Mission Spinarak!

This Volume Continues the Johto Saga, here is a list of the episodes in it:

Spinarak Attack!

In the next town, Ash & Co. see a Jenny who has a Spinarak to help her solve Crimes. Knowing Ash & Co. as the trainers who helped her cousin in New Bark Town, Jenny asks them for their help in stopping some crimes that bear resemblence to the crimes of the Black Arachnid of olden times. Can they stop it?

Snubbull Snobbery

Still on their path to Violet City, Ash & Co. find a Snubbull clinging to a Growlithe's tail. They decide to find the owner of the Snubbull and return it, but when the Snubbull goes missing again...they have to get it. Can they do it?

Little Big Horn

When a town keeps getting attacked by a herd of Stantlers, Brock thinks there is something awry. Standing up against them, he finds it is an illusion made by one baby Stantler which is injured. Can Brock nurse this Stantler back to health?

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