Volume 42 - Snow Rescue!

This Volume Continues the Johto Saga, here is a list of the episodes in it:

Chikorita Rescue!

Heading to the Violet City Gym, Ash comes across a Wild Chikorita and battles it. But when it's hurt in battle he rushes it to the Pokémon Centre only to find Team Rocket are wanting that Chikorita for themselves. Will Ash protect Chikorita and maybe make a new friend?

Once In A Blue Moon

While polishing the GS Ball in Cherrygrove City, Ash soon finds that a Quagsire has stolen the GS Ball. Trying to get it back, he gets arrested for interfering in the Quagsire Festival where they get round things and send them upstream and the last back gives good luck. Will Ash get the GS Ball back?

The Whistle Stop

In a forest, Ash meets a girl and her group of Ledyba who tend the gardens and follow the girl's whistle. However in a battle with Team Rocket, all the Ledyba dispel and its up to Ash & Co. to find it. Can they?

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