Volume 43 - Flying Ace!

This Volume Continues the Johto Saga, here is a list of the episodes in it:

Ignorance Is Blissey!

At a Pokémon Center, Ash & Co. discover a Blissey, the evolved form of Chansey. While relaxing, Ash keeps getting hurt by Blissey accidently. But Team Rocket soon arrive, and since the Blissey is an old friend of Jessie, Jessie cons it into getting food for it. Will this Blissey be corrupted by Team Rocket?

A Bout With Sprout

Finally in Violet City, Ash & Co. find a school and he gets asked to give a small talk about Pokémon Training to the kids. However a kid is convinced that Ash's Pikachu is to be his, and when Pikachu runs off, he takes chase with one of Ash's empty Pokéballs. Can Ash find Pikachu before its too late?

Fighting Flyer With Fire

Now at the Violet Gym, Ash meets the trainer Falkner who helps get Pikachu back from Team Rocket. Ash & Falkner quickly bond since they both have had a Pidgeot and Ash heads up to the Gym Battle...3 on 3 against Hoothoot, Dodrio and Pidgeot. Can Ash beat his first Gym Leader foe?

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