Volume 46 - Crimson Warrior!

This Volume Continues the Johto Saga, here is a list of the episodes in it:

The Superhero Secret!

Arriving in the next town, Ash & Co. arrive to discover a local Superhero; Gligarman and his faithful Gligar are helping people out. When they get in town, Team Rocket hatch another plan but Ash & Co. inadvertantly reveal Gligarman's identity...can they save the town?

Mild 'n' Wooly

Heading to Azalea, Ash & co. come across a flock of Mareep. Discovering a girl that wants to participate in a tournement with hers, Ash decides to help her train her Mareep...but will her mother let her leave and train?

Wired for Battle

Heading to the next town, Ash & co. discover a Scizor owned by a trainer called Shingo. Shingo claims he can use Computers to predict the outcome of battles. Can Ash prove him wrong?

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