Volume 47 - Azalea Adventures!

This Volume Continues the Johto Saga, here is a list of the episodes in it:

Good 'Quil Hunting!

Almost at Azalea, Ash discovers that wild Cyndaquil live in the area...eager to get one, he and Pikachu rush out to find one. Can they get one before Team Rocket arrive to capture Pikachu?

A Shadow Of A Drought

Finally in Azalea, A town with Many Slowpoke, Ash & Co. arrive to find the entire town is in a Drought. Ash accidently angers the locals by stepping on a Slowpoke's tail, Ash must go into hiding. Will he get the Slowpoke to Rain Dance before the locals get him?

Goin` Apricorn

After meeting Kurt in the Drought fiasco, Ash gives him the GS Ball to work on...while he works on them, Kurt's grandaughter takes Ash & Co. on a tour round the fields. However problems arise when Team Rocket arrive to steal the Apricorns and Pokéballs. Can they be stopped?

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