Volume 48 - Buggy Boogie!

This Volume Continues the Johto Saga, here is a list of the episodes in it:

Gettin` The Bugs On!

After leaving the GS Ball at Kurt's Ash heads to the Azalea Gym with it's leader Bugsy who specialises in Bug Pokémon. Its a 3 on 3 battle against Bugsy's Spinarak, Metapod and Scyther...will Ash defeat him?

A Farfetch'd Tale

Walking through Ilex forest, Ash & Co. come across a kid trying to teach his Farfetch'd cut to cut down trees to make Charcoal. But the Farfetch'd ends up running away. Can Ash & Co. find it?

Tricks Of The Trade

On the way to Goldenrod City, Ash enters a town obsessed in trading. He gets approached by a guy who wants to trade his Wobbuffet, however Ash doesnt want to trade but says he will help him find a Pokemon to trade. Also theres a Tauros running Tournement there which Ash wants to enter. Will Ash win and find a Pokémon to trade for Benny's Wobbuffet?

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