Volume 49 - The Squirtle Squad!

This Volume Continues the Johto Saga, here is a list of the episodes in it:

The Fire-ring Squad!

On their way to Goldenrod, Ash & Co. come across a fire fighting contest. He is eager to enter but while there he sees Cpt. Aiden and his Wartortle Squad and his old friends the Squirtle Squad. The Squirtle Squad however are having difficulty co-ordinating so its up to Ash's Squirtle to solve things. Can he do it?

No Big Woop

Coming across a School with Wooper in, Ash & Co. are soon asked to take care of the school of Wooper while their owner has to go off quickly. Can they do this or will the Wooper run off?

Tunnel Vision

Having to go through a huge tunnel with big Onix's in, Ash & Co. need to use Water Pokémon to get through...but Team Rocket also try to get through and have no Water Pokémon. So Team Rocket intend to steal Misty's Water Pokémon, but when Ash & Co. find Snubbull and Jigglypuff...things get totally out of hand

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