Volume 50 - Midnight Heroes!

This Volume Continues the Johto Saga, here is a list of the episodes in it:

Hour of the Houndour!

When some Houndour go around stealing food, Ash & co. devise a plan to try and stop them. But when they find out that one of the Houndour is injured, they try to help, but Team Rocket soon come after the Houndour. Will they heal the injured Houndour?

The Totodile Duel

When they see a Totodile, Ash & Misty both jump at the chance to get it, they both throw their Lureballs at it and one of them captures in. Not knowing who actually captured it, they decide to have a Pokémon battle. Who will win?

Hot Matches

After battling a trainer with a Skarmory, Ash decides he must train his Cyndaquil better so it can finally beat it. To do this, he must get his Cyndaquil to get over it's shyness and be able to use Fire attacks immediately. Can Ash do this?

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