Volume 51 - Ursaring Rampage!

This Volume Continues the Johto Saga, here is a list of the episodes in it:

Love, Totodile Style!

After seeing a beautiful Azumarill, Totodile decides he is in love and tries to pursue the Azumarill. Brock decides to help Totodile to win Azumarill's heart. Can this be done?

Fowl Play

In a forest, Ash & Co. come across a researcher who is studying Noctowl in the forest. Curious, Ash finds out that he is researching a special Different Coloured Noctowl and intends to capture it to find out about it. Will Ash get it first?

Ursaring Rampage

Walking through the forest to get to Goldenrod, Team Rocket try to capture Pikachu but are disturbed by a bunch of Ursaring who go crazy and start hyper beaming them. When they finally get away, Ash & Co. and Team Rocket seem to seperated; Ash, Brock & Jessie and Misty, James & Meowth. Can they get back together with their respective group before they turn on eachother?

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