Volume 2 - Road to the Johto League Champion!

This Volume Begins the johto Saga, here is a list of the episodes in it:

Hassle In The Castle!

After being caught in a heavy Storm, Ash & Co. rush to find shelter finding only a Castle which is used as a small health resort. The Owner has a Zubat and Brock instantly falls for her. However they get lost and the only way to get back is with Zubat's Supersonic. Can they do this?

Two Hits And A Miss

After battling a tough trainer, Ash learns of a Pokémon Fighting Dojo. He goes there and finds a girl Shigusa who is having trouble with her Hitmontop which she must train for a battle to keep the Dojo. Ash always willing to help decides to help. Will they succeed in protecting the Dojo?

A Hot Water Battle

While playing, Ash's Pokémon's Master Beach Ball gets stolen by some Aipom. Trying to get it back, they inadvertantly get lost in a cave. Can they get out?

Hook, Line & Stinker

After meeting a rude trainer with a Poliwrath, Ash & Co. Enter in a Seaking fishing contest. Misty is content on capturing the biggest one and beating that smug trainer once and for all. Can she do this?

Beauty & The Breeder

Heading through the next town, Brock gets an email from Suzie, the owner of his Vulpix. Eager to meet up with her, he drags Ash & Co. to her. She called Brock so she can use her Vulpix in a Beauty Contest and beat a trainer named Zane and his Ninetales. Can she do this?

A Better Pill To Swallow

Heading to Ecruteak City, Ash starts to get cramps in his Stomach...an Old man comes up and gives him some medicine. It turns out he makes it from the juices Shuckles come out

Power Play

Heading to Ecruteak, Ash & Co. meet up with Gary. It turns out his Eevee has evolved into Umbreon. Ash eager to battle with him again gets disappointed when Gary declines...he goes to train his Pokémon when he finds that Team Rocket are tampering with a Power Plant. Can they be stopped?

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