Volume 3 - Distance to the Johto League Champion!

This Volume Begins the johto Saga, here is a list of the episodes in it:

Mountain Time!

Heading by a Mountain, Ash & Co. see a Ledian that is trying to fly against the currents. It turns out he has to fly to the top of the mountain each day. Can it learn how to do this?


When entering a town which has an abundance of Wobbuffets, Ash & Co. decide to take part in the festivities. But when a trio of trainers come and cause trouble...the townfolk cannot do anything about it. Can they be stopped?

Imitation Confrontation!

When at the Pokémon Center, Ash & Co. meet up with their old friend Duplica who has a brand new Ditto...this one makes tiny forms of the Pokémon. However Team Rocket want this Ditto and steal it. Can they get it back?

The Trouble With Snubbull

Meeting up with the owner of the Snubbull following Team Rocket, Ash & Co. decide to help her find it. Tracking it down to Team Rocket, they must team up to get it back, but suddenly it evolves into Granbull...

Ariados Amigos

Meeting up with their old friend Aya of Fuchia Gym, they learn about a new Dojo which is holding a tournement. Aya is taking part with her Venonat and Ash with his Bulbasaur decides to take part. Will either of them win or will they both fail?

Wings 'n' Things

Entering another town, Ash & Co. discover that a Yanma there is causing trouble by shattering glass all over town. It's trainer's parent forces him to get rid of it which he doesnt want to do...What will Happen?

The Grass Route

Back on route to Ecruteak, Ash & Co. see an abundance of Grass Pokémon, Ash meets a guy called Ephram and his Skiploom. Ash learns about a Grass Type Pokémon Tournement. Ash decides to enter. Will he win?

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