Volume 4 - Path to the Johto League Champion!

This Volume Continues the Johto Saga, here is a list of the episodes in it:

The Apple Corp!

When Ash & Co. get captured for stealing fruit, they proclaim their innocence insisting it was the work of someone else. They decide to help find out who has been stealing fruit. When they find out it's a bunch of Pichu, they wonder what to do...however Team Rocket has plans for them...

Houndoom's Special Delivery

When in a tough battle with Team Rocket, Togepi Metronome's and Teleports away. Lost it starts crying and alerts the attention of a Houndoom. Houndoom unwittingly saves Togepi from a Pinsir and decides to help Togepi find it's way back to Misty...Can it do this?

A Ghost of A Chance!

Finally in Ecruteak City, Ash & Co. enter the Burnt Tower to find that there are ghosts in there with them. It turns out the Ghosts are owned by Morty, the Ecruteak Gym Leader. However Togepi soon goes missing and its up to Ash & Co. to find it before Team Rocket find it

From Ghost To Ghost

Now in the Ecruteak Gym, Ash must now face the hardest Gym Battle he has had...against 3 Ghost type Pokémon...Gastly, Haunter & Gengar. Will Ash be able to see through their Illusions and win?

Trouble's Brewing

After his win at the Ecruteak Gym, Ash & Co. Meet up with Sakura and her sisters known as the Kimono Sisters. Each of them has an Eeveelution except Sakura....who just has an Eevee. Sakura however wants to leave and go on a Pokémon Journey, but Team Rocket decides they have plans for all the Eevee-lutions...can they be stopped?

All That Glitters

After cleaning his 4 Gym Badges, Ash is shocked to find out that they have gone missing. It appears that a flock of Murkrow have come and taken them like they do with all Shiny things. Can he get them Back?

The Light Fantastic

When entering a Desert like place, Ash & Co. learn that Remoraid used to live here and that water was common there...but it just stopped coming. Ash & Co. Decide to help and try and get water back to the area. Can they do this?

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