Volume 5 - Way to the Johto League Champion!

This Volume Continues the Johto Saga, here is a list of the episodes in it:


When Ash & Co. meet a cute Teddiursa, Misty insists on having it around. However it starts causing trouble blaming it on the other Pokémon. Will Ash & Co. find out it was him or will the Teddiursa stay with them and cause trouble?

Moving Pictures

Meeting up with their old friend Todd, Ash & Co. discover that Todd is searching for the Legendary Pokémon Articuno to get a picture. However suddenly a frozen Sunkern comes out of the sky. They take it to the nearest house where they meet an elderly couple who are having their wedding Anniversary. Can they heal the Frozen Sunkern?

Spring Fever!

Hot on the trail of Articuno, Ash & Co. come across a few Swinub who seem to dig holes to find some Hot Springs in the area. However Team Rocket appear and have their own plans for the Swinub. Can Ash & Co. get them back?

Freeze Frame

At the Mountain where they saw Articuno heading, Ash & Co. find Jigglypuff who has been frozen by Articuno. After thawing it, Jigglypuff gets mad and wants to join them to find Articuno. However Team Rocket want Articuno just as badly. Can Ash & Co. get the Picture and protect the Legendary Bird?

The Stolen Stones

When meeting Two Siblings who are delivering some Fire Stones, Ash & Co. get attacked by Team Rocket who steal the Fire Stones. It is up to Ash & Co. to get them back on time. Can they do this?

The Dunsparce Deception

Enroute to Olivine City, Ash & Co. meet up with a trainer who is trying to catch a Dunsparce. He was on holiday when everyone caught one but now he only has his Caterpie and he wants a Dunsparce. Can Ash & Co. help him find one?

The Wayward Wobbuffet

After trapping Pikachu in a ball, Team Rocket send Wobbuffet off with the only key to the Ball. Ash decides to head after Wobbuffet but it keeps getting away. Can Ash get to Wobbuffet before Team Rocket do?

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