Volume 7 - Journey's End!

This Volume Continues the Johto Saga, here is a list of the episodes in it:

Turning Over a New Bayleef!

After it had evolved, Ash's Bayleef still thinks as if it were a Chikorita and keeps slamming into Ash trying to hug him. When Ash gets mad, Bayleef gets upset and runs off. Can Ash get it back?

Doing What Comes Natu-rally

In the next town, Ash & Co. meet up with a trainer who is shy and hides behind masks. However he has an act with his Natu and needs to overcome his shyness to succeed. Can he do this?

The Big Balloon Blow-Up!

When Ash & Co. see lots of Balloons, they find out about a Big Balloon Race. Ash eagerly wants to take part and does with a special Pikachu Balloon. Does he have much chance of winning?

The Screen Actor's Guilt

When Ash & Co. get given a package by a strange man, they open it to discover a Smoochum. This Smoochum is owned by Brad Van Darn, a popular celebrity and he doesnt want it to be in the shows anymore. Can Ash & Co. help him?

Right On, Rhydon!

In the early morning while camping out, Ash & Co. see a spectacular sight...a Surfing Rhydon. They meet up with a trainer who has been following it and wants to capture it. Can Ash & Co. help her catch it?

The Kecleon Caper

While on a Blimp, Ash & Co. meet two trainers who both have a Kecleon, a Pokémon which has never been seen before. It turns out that they dont feel good, so Brock gladly helps them out to feel fine. However Team Rocket who are on the blimp try to steal from the trainers on the blimp. The Kecleon see this and hide. Can Ash & Co. find them and stop Team Rocket?

The Joy Of Water Pokémon

On their way to Olivine City, Ash & Co. go to a Pokémon Centre which is famous for its care of Water Pokémon. However the Joy in charge of this is petrified of Water Pokémon. Misty is infuriated by her treatement of Water Pokémon and insists on helping her. Can She?

Got Miltank

After being hurt in battle with Team Rocket, Cyndaquil decides to go off on it's own, to a Legendary spring that no man has ever seen. Ash, worried decides to help and Team Rocket go to find Meowth. Can they find it and not ruin the tranquil paradise?

Fight For The Light

Finally in Olivine City, Ash gets to the gym to find a trainer with a Water Resistent Onix there wanting to battle. However this is not the gym Leader. It turns out the Gym Leader is taking care of her sick Ampharos. Can Ash help in any way?

Machoke, Machoke Man

Heading to Cianwood City with Jenina, Ash gets the medicine for Jasmine's Ampharos. However while on the island, Ash decides to battle the Cianwood Gym Leader, Chuck, in a battle. Does Ash stand a chance of beating him for the badge?

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