Pokémon: 3 The Movie!

This Volume Continues the Movies, here is a list of the episodes in it:

Pikachu & Pichu!

While Ash is preparing a suprise for Pikachu, Pikachu gets lost in the big city only to find some Pichu and their friends. They anger a Houndour and run away from it. Can Pikachu get back in time?

The Spell Of the Unown

When Molly, a young girl looses her father in an expedition in search of the Pokémon Unown, she makes a wish and using her fathers reasearch the Unown appear and grant her her wish. She believes her father is Entei so they create a perfect world where its just her and Entei, but when she has the need for a mother, Entei brainwashes Ash's mother causing Ash to need to fight Entei with an old friend to stop Molly before she ruins the planet!

Special Features

  • Making-Of - Making of "To Know the Unknown" Music Video
  • Original Theatrical Trailer
  • Bonus Trailer - POKEMON 4
  • Audio Commentary - Cast & Crew

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