Pokémon - Jirachi - Wish Maker!

This Volume Continues the Movies, here is a list of the episodes in it:

Gotta Dance!

Team Rocket decides to throw a party for Giovanni with Whismur dancing. Pikachu and co. come in and decide to help Meowth with this task, however they inadverently destroy the area. Can they fix it in time for the party?

Jirachi - Wish Maker

A Mysterious comet that passes by every 1,000 years allows Jirachi to awaken. Awake for only a few days, Jirachi has to protect itself from Butler who wants to prove he's a proper magician and get Jirachi aswell as Groudon for Team Magma. Can Ash and co. stop him before he awakens Groudon and get Jirachi back to the place it needs to be to rest for another 1,000 years?

Special Features

  • Gotta Dance" Short Film
  • "Make A Wish" Music Video
  • Trivia Comparisons
  • Pokémon Gallery
  • Original Movie Art
  • Message From The Director, Mr. Yuyama

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