Pokémon - Lucario & The Mystery Of Mew!

This Volume Continues the Movies, here is a list of the episodes in it:

Lucario & The Mystery Of Mew

On his travels to the Battle Frontier, Ash enters the town of Orudoran and partakes in the local festival. However Mew appears and kidnaps Pikachu. Meanwhile Ash & Co. encounter a new Pokémon, Lucario who is trying to discover his past and why his trainer abandoned him. Will Ash & Lucario help eachother and find Pikachu?

The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon

On their travels through Kanto, Ash & co. are invited to a special Lab where Dr. Yung has created a machine which ressurrects extinct or legendary Pokémon as Mirage Pokémon. When they arrive, they meet up with Prof. Oak & Misty and decide to investigate these Mirage Pokémon. However, when Dr. Yung gets kidnapped by the Mirage Master, Ash & Co. have to find him, but first they need to stop a Mirage Mewtwo. Can they find Dr. Yung?

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