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This Volume Continues the Johto Saga, here is a list of the episodes in it:

Around The Whirlpool

Arriving in the Whirl Islands, Ash & Misty learn about the Whirl Cup...a cup that only lets you participate with Water Type Pokémon. They go to enter however they soon see some Pokémon in trouble...

Fly Me To The Moon

In their travels through the Whirl Islands, Ash & Co. meet a trainer who is trying to get his Pidgey to fly higher than any Pokémon before. Ash & Co. Want to help. Will the Pidgey make it?

Takin' It To The Chinchou

On their travels through the Whirl Islands, Ash & Co. meet up with a person who is trying to lead the Chinchou to water as part of a festival. Ash & Co. are eager to help. Can they get the Chinchou from the lake to the ocean?

The Corsola Caper

Heading towards the next Island, Ash & Co. see a floating house thats about to be caught into a Whirlpool. Misty is eager to help and rescues the girl. They find out most of the town is made up with Corsola...Misty is eager to get one. Will She?

Mantine Overboard

Ash & Co. meet a person who is looking for a piece of treasure on the ocean floor...a Silver Wing. To get to it, they must go deep in the ocean with their Water Pokémon. However Team Rocket wish to get there first. Will Ash & Co. get it?

Octillery The Outcast

Ash & Co. have made it to the Whirl Cup. They meet a guy with Remoraid and train to help him get an Octillery. However Team Rocket want to nab then Octillery. Can Ash & Co. stop them aswell as qualify for the Whirl Cup Finals?

Dueling Heroes

Its the Whirl Cup Tournement and Ash & Misty are in seperate blocks. They both have tough battles ahead and have to win to continue on to get to the finals. Will they succeed?

The Perfect Match

Ash & Misty have to battle eachother to progress further into the Whirl Cup. Each wants to win and want to make it a glorious battle. Who will come out triumphant?

Plant It Now, Diglett Later!

After their battles in the Whirl Cup, Ash & Co. move on to the next Island where they see a recreation of an old battle happening. However Team Rocket shows up thinking its real and want to help one of the sides. Can they be stopped

Hi Ho Silver...Away!

Ash & Co. arrive on Silver Rock island and meet a person who is trying to win the heart of one of his oldest friends. However he is not well, can Ash & Co. help him?

The Mystery Is History

Suddenly meeting up with their old friend Richie, Ash & Co. discover that they are near a nest which has Lugia in it. However Butch & Cassidy appear and have their eyes set on stealing the Child Lugia. Will They Succeed?

A Parent Trapped

Butch & Cassidy have taken the baby Lugia, however they want something much's parent. Ash & co. want to help free the Baby Lugia and protect the Parent Lugia. Will they succeed?

A Promise is a Promise

The Parent Lugia is captured and Ash & Richie are captive in the Rocket's Underwater base. However they need to escape to rescue the Lugias...can they do this?

Throwing In The Noctowl

Ash & Co. need to head back to Olivine City so they go on a plan with an Old Man and his Noctowl. However they get caught in a storm...will they survive?

Nerves Of Steelix

Ash & Co. are finally back in Olivine City and Ash is eager to fight Jasmine in the Olivine Gym. However things turn to the worst when she uses her strong steel Pokémon including Steelix. Can Ash Win?

Bulbasaur...The Ambassador

Ash & Co are heading back to Ecruteak City by blimp, however Prof. Oak asks Ash for his Bulbasaur to help settle a territorial dispute at the lab. Will Bulbasaur be able to stop the territorial dispute?

Espeon Not Included

Back in Ecruteak City, Ash & Co. meet up with Sakura and the Kimono Sisters who each have an Eevee-lution. Sakura has recently evolved her Eevee in to Espeon and wants to leave on her journey. Is she ready?

For Ho-oh The Bells Toll

Heading through Ecruteak City, Ash & Co. discover it is up in arms...someone has stolen some of the bells used to summon Ho-oh. Ash & Co. team up with Morty and Eusine to find them...but when Suicune appears, Eusine is intent on catching it. Can he do this?

Extreme Pokémon

On their way to Mahogany town. Ash & Co. meet up with Gary who teels them about the Extreme Pokémon Races. Ash is eager to test his Pokémon on a race like this and enters. Will he win?

An Egg-Sighting Adventure

While stopping off at the local Pokémon Center, Ash discovers that his new Pokémon egg has been stolen so they call in Officer Jenny to help find it. Will they be successful in getting Ash's egg back?

Hatching A Plan

Ash's New Egg is starting to glow and hatches into a Phanpy! However soon after hatching, Phanpy runs off. Will Ash be able to find his new Pokémon before Team Rocket get it?

Dues & Don'ts

Heading towards the next town, Team Rocket discover a Rocket Member with a Delibird. They find out that they arent active members of Team Rocket anymore so they borrow the Delibird to finally capture Pikachu once and for all...Can they do this?

Just Waiting On A Friend

Heading towards the next City, Ash & Co. discover a 300 year old Ninetales who thinks Brock is it's owner. However this Ninetales has developed Psychic powers over the years. Can Ash & Co. protect it from Team Rocket and itself?

A Tyrogue Full Of Trouble

Heading towards Mahogany Town, Ash & Co. meet the Karate King and discover a renegade Tyrogue. The Karate King wants to catch it to help it train. Will he succeed?

Xatu The Future

Heading towards the next town, Ash & Co. discover a person who uses Xatus to predict the weather...however Team Rocket want to nab the Xatu's and use them for their own profitable purposes. Will they succeed

Talkin' Bout An Evolution

Ash & Co. have made it to the Lake of Rage, but as soon as they get there they see a Red Gyarados squirming in agony. Pikachu & Togepi also start falling ill. They discover this is a plot by Team Rocket. Can they stop Team Rocket from causing harm to the Pokémon?

Rage Of Innocence

Ash & Co. have been captured by the Rocket Members who have also stolen the Red Gyarados. However Lance is here and rescues them. However the Red Gyarados breaks free and starts terrorising the towns. Can it be stopped?

Cold As Pryce

Ash meets Pryce, the Mahogany Gym Leader. He discovers that Pryce has had a long history and years ago lost his Piloswine. Ash wants to help him find it. Can he find it for the old man?

Nice Pryce Baby

After finding Pryce's Piloswine alive and well, it is time for Ash's Battle against Pryce. Will Ash succeed against Pryce and his Icey Pokémon or will he be left cold?

Whichever Way The Wind Blows

After his win at the Mahogany Gym, Ash & Co. find a valley which has Gloom evolving in it. However they are evolving randomly into Vileplume and Bellossom and they end up squaring off against eachother. Can Ash & Co. Stop this?

Some Like It Hot

Heading into a canyon, Ash & Co. meet a trainer who is content on finding a large Magcargo to capture. However he insults Misty and Misty wants to battle. Will they both get what they want?

Hocus Pokémon

Ash & Co. meet up with a Pokémon Witch who is trying to make a potion that allows for communication with Pokémon. however she needs ingredients and Ash & Co. volunteer to help get them. Will they succeed?

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