Master Quest Gift Box 2!

This Volume Finishes the Johto Saga, here is a list of the episodes in it:

As Clear As Crystal

After his one day adventure as a Pikachu, Ash returns to human form and discovers a crystal that attracts Electric Pokémon...including Zapdos. However Team Rocket want the Crystal and Zapdos. Can they be stopped?

Same Old Song & Dance

Ash & Co. meet with a TV Star and her Igglybuff. She is set to have a show today however the Igglybuff go Missing. Can Ash & Co. find them in time for the show?

Enlighten Up!

Ash & Co. come to a Dojo and start training to be Enlightened allowing for better battles. However Team Rocket appear and start causing problems. Can Ash & Co. get past their training?

Will The Real Prof. Oak Please Stand Up

Ash & Co. meet up with Professor Oak but soon find that there is an imposter in town pretending to be him. Unsure who's real the town folks do a contest to see who is the true Professor Oak. Will the Real Prof. Oak come through?

Wish Upon A Star Shape

Heading to Blackthorn City, Ash & Co. see a shootign star. They notice its the UFO they saw in Viridian City a few years ago and see something fall from it...a Cleffa. Ash & Co. decide to help it get back to its Clefairy bretheren. Can they succeed?

Outrageous Fortunes

Heading to the next City, Ash & Co. meet a trainer with a Poliwrath who proclaims that he is unbeaten. Misty however wants to beat him with her Poliwhirl but loses. Soon after the trainer falls for some phoney Fortune Tellers and gives them his Poliwrath. Will he ever get it back?

One Trick Phoney!

Ash & Co. head to the Battle Park where they find 3 trainers...with Venusaur, Charizard and Blastoise willing to battle. Ash is up for the challenge and challenges them. Will he become triumphant?

I Politoed You So!

When Misty's Politoed gets mistaken for another, it joins a cheerleading squad. Misty quickly finds it and protests that its hers. They all decide to go look for the trainer's missing Politoed. Can they find it?

Beauty Is Skin Deep

Arriving at Blackthorn City, Ash & Co. meet Clair and her Dratini. They decide to help her get the Dragons Fang in the ritual. However Team Rocket appear and want to steal it. Will they succeed?

Fangs For Nothin

In Blackthorn, Ash starts his battle with Clair and her Dragon Pokémon. However Team Rocket go to the Dragon's Den and trick a Dragonite into helping them steal the Dragon's Fang and fight Ash & Co. Can they be stopped?

Great Bowls Of Fire

The Dragonite is going on a rampage, however Ash's Charizard has appeared and Ash decides to use it to try and calm the Dragonite and stop it from its Destruction Spree. Can they succeed?

Better Eight Than Never

After stopping the problems in the Dragon's Den, Ash & Clair continue their battle...but with Ash's Charizard on his team again, it could very well be a glorious win. Will he actually win?

Why? Wynaut

After his win at the Blackthorn Gym, Ash gets conned and loses all 8 of his badges. Ash & Co. go to find them but it seems that the badges got stolen from Team Rocket by a Wynaut. Can Ash & Co. find the Wynaut & the badges before Team Rocket?

Just Add Water

On the way to New Bark Town, Ash & Co. go to the Unofficial Coastline Gym...a Water gym led by a trainer who frequently goes to Cerulean Gym. Misty decides to battle him to defend her own honor. Can she win?

Lapras Of Luxury

Taking a detour to pick up an egg for Prof. Elm, Ash & Co. meet up with Ash's old friend, Lapras. However Team Rocket are wanting to attack the school of Lapras. Can Ash & his old friend protect the school?

Hatch Me If You Can

While taking the Egg back to Prof. Elm, it starts hatching and hatches into an ill Larvitar. When he finally gets to New Bark town, he decides to help Prof. Elm find out whats wrong with the Larvitar. Can he do so?

Entei At Your Own Risk

Heading to Mt. Silver for the Silver Conference and to drop off Larvitar, Ash & Co. meet a trainer who is intent on capturing the Legendary Beast Entei. He has set up many traps to do this. Will he succeed?

A Crowning Achievement

It's one of the Slowpoke festivals where one Slowpoke evolves into Slowking and leads its bretheren into a new home. However the area with the Kings Rock is swarmed with Shellder and keeps evolving the Slowpoke into Slowbro. Can one make it through?

Here's Lookin at You Elekid

Meeting up with Casey, Ash & Co. decide to help her find an Elekid. However Elekid and Larvitar get taken by Team Rocket and break free. Can Ash & Co. find them before Team Rocket do?

You're A Star, Larvitar!

Getting closer to the Silver Conference, Ash decides to start training his Pokémon. However Team Rocket start their stealing and seperate Ash from Larvitar. Can Ash find Larvitar in time?

Address Unown

After getting thwacked into the face by an Unown, Misty develops a bond with the ailing Pokémon and in hiding from Team Rocket's attack, the Unown sends them into Larvitar's mind. Will they be able to get out?

Mother Of All Battles

Finally at the Mt. Silver Pokémon Reserve, Ash & Co. find Larvitar's mother, however it is pretty angry as poachers are constantly attacking. Will Ash & Co. be able to protect the Tyranitar and Larvitar from these evil poachers?

Pop Goes The Sneasel

Finally at the Silver Conference, Ash is asked to help get the Flame of Ho-oh down, however there is a Wild Sneasel in the way stopping all access. Will Ash be able to get the flame or will the Conference not happen?

A Claim to Flame

After getting the Flame, its time for the Silver Conference Qualifiers. Ash is eager to get past them but is dismayed when Gary just ignores him. Will Ash get past the qualifiers?

Love, Pokémon Style

In the Group Battles, Ash is against a girl called Macey who has a crush on him. She battles with fire Pokémon. Will Ash be able to beat her with his Water Pokémon including his old buddy Squirtle?

Tie One On

After beating Macey, Ash is up against Jackson of New Bark Town. However Jackson's Meganium and Azumarill have had a previous disagreement with Ash's Bulbasaur & Squirtle causing a huge feud. Will Ash win?

The Ties That Bind

After getting past the group rounds, Ash is suprised to find his first battle is against Gary. Reminded of his first feud with Gary, he swears that this battle will end the rivalry once and for all. Will he succeed?

Can't Beat The Heat

Half Way into his battle with Gary, Ash is starting to feel the pressure and must continue to battle hard, especially against Gary's Blastoise. Will Ash beat Gary?

Playing With Fire

After defeating Gary in the Silver Conference, Ash is put up against Harrison, a trainer from Hoenn. It is a tough 6 on 6 battle starting with Pikachu VS Kecleon, will Ash Manage to win?

Johto Photo Finish

Both down to their final Pokémon, Ash & Harrison continue on of the most magnificent battles in History. Blaziken VS Charizard. Who will come out victorious? Ash or Harrison? Or will it be a Draw?

Gotta Catch Ya Later

Heading to Pallet Town, Ash splits up with Misty, who needs to go take over the Cerulean Gym, and Brock, who has some things to do. Ash gets back to Pallet town and decides to head to Hoenn, where Harrison is from, as his next destination.

Hoenn Alone!

Heading to Hoenn on his own, Ash is seperated with Pikachu after a fight with Team Rocket. Pikachu and Meowth end up in the port town. Will Ash be able to find his buddy before Team Rocket?

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