Volume 1 - Adventures on the Orange Islands 1!

This Volume Begins the Orange Saga, here is a list of the episodes in it:

Pallet Party Panic!

After Losing in the Indigo League, Ash is suprised to go back to Pallet Town to a celebration. While there, Prof. Oak gets a call about a strange Pokéball found by Prof. Ivy on Valencia Island. Oak Asks Ash to go get it for him, but on the Way, A group of Spearow and Fearow are attacking some Pidgey's and Pidgeottos. Can Ash and his Pidgeotto save them?

A Scare In The Air

Heading to the Orange Islands, Ash takes part ina Lottery and wins a quick way there, a Blimp ride...but when the Blimp turns out to be old and in control of Team Rocket. And to make things worse...the Blimp may be haunted. Will Ash & Co. survive?

Pokéball Peril

After arriving on Valencia Island, Ash & Co must set out to find Prof. Ivy and get the Ball. When they arrive, they see Ivy is fully entrenched in Research and she shows the GS Ball to them, but Brock starts to take a liking to Ivy. Will Brock stay with the group?

The Lost Lapras

After the blimp they were on Crashes, Ash & Misty walk around this island to discover a Lapras being picked on by a trio of trainers. Ash & Misty decide to step in, but once they dispelled these bullies they find a Pokémon Watcher called Tracey come and help them out. But when Team Rocket go to steal the Lapras. Ash must get it back, Will he Succeed?

Fit To Be Tide

With his new friends, Tracey & Lapras in tow, they ride Lapras around the Orange Islands on the gym Challenge. Arriving at Maikan Island, Ash finds the first gym, but when he finds out that they arent battle orientated...Ash finds himself out of his league...can he win the Shooting Contests and the Surfing Contest to get the Coral Eye Badge?

Pikachu Re-Volts

Arriving on Mandarin Island, Ash & Co. see that Pikachu and Togepi turn against them, as have many other Pokémon on the Island. Finding out that theres a Pokémon doing this, Ash & Co. decide to investigate and find Butch & Cassidy responsible...can they stop them before all the Pokémon on the Island become evil?

The Crystal Onix

Arriving on Sunburst Island, Ash & Co. are asked if they know anything about the Onix that is made totally out of Crystal. Curious, they help the girl and her brother to find the Crystal Onix and to capture it...can they do this?

In The Pink

After getting caught in some Whirlpools, Ash & Co. get washed up on Pinkan Island, a special Pokémon Rserve which contains Pokémon that are only of the Colour Pink. However Team Rocket also washed up on this Island and start causing problems. Can Ash & Co. stop them?

Shell Shock

After following some boats to an Island, Ash & Co. discover an excavation...the whole Island is made of fossilised Kabuto, however according to legend, The Kabuto are said to awaken and unleash destruction on the Island. Will Ash & Co. Stop them?

Stage Fight

After Arriving on another Island, Ash & Co. discover a Showboat which has many talking Pokémon on it. Finding out they do performances, Ash & Co. decide to sit and watch it, but Team Rocket arriving to steal the rare talking Pokémon. Can Ash & Co. save them while having to help out a girl and her Raichu?

Bye, Bye, Psyduck

After stopping on another Island to rest, Misty notices her Psyduck's tail is glowing, a nearby trainer says it may mean it's time for it to evolve. So Misty challenges her to battle and when she finds she has a Golduck, she easily beats the trainer. However Team Rocket have other plans. Can Misty protect the Pokémon and her new Golduck?

The Joy Of Pokémon

Surfing to the next Island, Ash & Co. come across a Super-Nurse Joy who insists on healing Wild Water Pokémon on the Island. Ash & Tracey decide to help out...but when Team Rocket arrive to stop them, A Giant Magikarp arrives. Does it have hostile intentions?

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