Volume 2 - Adventures on the Orange Islands 2!

This Volume Continues the Orange Saga, here is a list of the episodes in it:

Navel Maneuvers!

Arriving on Navel Island, Ash meets the Gym Leader Danny who Misty has a crush on. The first challenge Ash must face is to climb the mountain...followed by a geyser freezing contest, an ice carving contest and a mountain race. Will Ash be able to win with this or will he land head first in the snow?

Snack Attack

Arriving on the Grapefruit Islands, Ash discovers that there is a Snorlax going from Island to Island eating all the Grapefruits. Ash is emplored to help stop the Snorlax...but the Snorlax proves to be Slippery...Can Ash stop it?

A Shipful of Shivers

Arriving on Moro Island, Ash& Co hear about a long lost Orange League Trophy being found on a Sunkern ship, but when Team Rocket steal it, Ash & Co follow. They follow them to a Ghost ship inhabited by a Gastly and a Haunter. Will Ash & Co. get the Trophy back or will they be stuck on this ship forever

Meowth Rules

After failing to capture Pikachu, Team Rocket wind up on an Island where Meowth is taken by the inhabitants and Worshipped. They need Meowth to perform a festival which includes him using Pay Day, an attack Meowth doesnt know. Can Meowth learn Pay Day before he is discovered as a fraud?

Tracey Gets Bugged

Arriving on Morcott Island, Ash & Co. discover a wounded Scyther, after Capturing it, Tracey must take it to the Pokémon Center. While there he discovers the Scyther got dethroned from bein in charge of his group. Can Tracey Help it?

A Way Off Day Off

Deciding to take a break on a nearby Island, Ash & Co and all their Pokémon just use the time to relax and get better aquainted. However Team Rocket have other plans for the Pokémon and intend to steal them. Can they be stopped?

The Mandarin Island Miss-Match

Arriving on Mandarin Island, Ash & Co. search off to find Prima, a member of the Eltie Four. Once found Ash learns he has a lot to learn about Pokémon. Can Prima teach him what he needs to know?

Wherefore Art Thou Pokémon?

Still on Mandarin Island, Ash & Co. go through a Victorian Town where they find two Nidoran who are in love while the trainers of them are constantly fighting. Can Ash & Co. stop the fighting so the Nidorans can stay together?

Get Along, Little Pokémon

Still on Mandarin Island, Ash & Co. discover a man who has troops of Magnemites and has to take them to a town on the Island in order to give it power. However he gets injured so its up to Ash to herd up the Magnemite and get to the town. Can he do that before its too late for the Pokémon in the Pokémon Center?

The Mystery Menace

Heading to the other end of Mandarin Island, Ash & Co. discover theres a monster in the sewer that is causing lots of problems in the town. When the Mayor wants to blow it up, Joy protests and asks Ash & Co. to help, can they?

Misty Meets Her Match

Arriving on Trovita Island, Ash & Co. meet the Gym Leader Randy who is smitten with Misty. Ash completes all the tasks and must beat Randy in a 3 on 3 Pokémon Battle. Can he do this and will Misty stay with Randy?

Bound For Trouble

After getting his 3rd Orange League Badge, Ash & Co. arrive on an Island, where Pikachu is soon after captured by Team Rocket but then Pikachu and Meowth are taken away by a Giant Pidgeot. Can Ash get Pikachu back before Team Rocket?

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