Volume 1 - A Ruin With A View!

This Volume Begins the Hoenn Saga, here is a list of the episodes in it:

Get The Show On The Road!

Arriving In Hoenn with only Pikachu, Pikachu is sick and Ash finds out that there is no Pokémon Center in the first town. Worried, Ash calls Professor Birch and asks for assistence, but while Pikachu was being helped...he ran off and it's up to Ash, Prof. Birch and a New Trainer, May to get him back. Can they do this?

A Ruin With A View

With New Trainer May, deciding to join him on his Journey...Ash decides to go to Oldale Town to Register and find out information on the nearest gym. However on the way there they meet an archeologist who is looking for Ancient Pokémon...however Team Magma are looking for the same thing...

Theres No Place Like Hoenn

In Petalburg City, Ash decides to head for the gym but May heads elsewhere. Entering the gym he discovers a young boy named Max claiming to be the Gym Leader...Ash doesnt believe this especially when May turns up claiming that Max is her brother. It turns out Norman, May's father owns the gym and only does 3 on 3 battles. Ash doesn't have enough Pokémon but asks to have a Practice Match...Who Will win?

You Never Can Taillow

On the Way to the Rustboro Gym, Ash, May & Max get lost in the Petalburg Woods without any food, however when a Chocolate bar is found in their bag, they start fighting over it. But a Taillow arrives and steals it, Ash angry decides to challenge it...but when it gets it's friends involved, things get hairy. Can they be saved?

In The Knicker Of Time

With his old friend Brock back travelling with him, Ash finds things are returning to normal with all the successful battles. However Ash & Co. see a Zigzagoon and a guy chasing it to capture it. it turns out his name is Nicolai and he is training Pokémon to be able to beat Norman. May & Max dont like this so May challenges him to a battle. Will she win her first battle?

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