Volume 2 - Tree's A Crowd!!

This Volume Continues the Hoenn Saga, here is a list of the episodes in it:

A Poached Ego!

At the next Pokémon Center, Ash & Co. discover there is a Pokémon Poacher around and decide to help Officer Jenny catch it. However Team Rocket, while travelling to get Pikachu, find some Ekans and Koffing caught in a cage. They decide to set them free but when the Poacher arrives, he decides to attack. Will the Poacher get his just deserts?

Tree's A Crowd

While heading to the next gym, Ash spots a Treecko, eager to catch one, he & Pikachu chase after it and discover it is part of a community which lives around a big tree. However Team Rocket see this and intend to steal all the Treecko. Can Ash Protect them?

A Tail With A Twist

While relaxing, Ash & Co. come across a Wild Seviper which attacks Ash & Co's Pokémon. Ash & Co. try to defeat it but it runs off. Treecko is depressed from losing the battle and Ash decides he should train it. Can they train enough to beat the Seviper?

Taming Of The Shroomish

On the Way to the next gym, Ash & Co. discover a Shroomish, and it turns out none have come to the town for Ages. They appear to be hiding in a Mansion since humans are constantly cruel to them. However Team Rocket want to steal them. Will they?

You Said A Mouthful

On his way to the next gym, Ash sees a sign saying about a trainer who has a Pelipper and is eager to battle as he has never lost. It turns out this Pelipper can do attacks no ordinary Pelipper can do. Can Ash find out whats going on?

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