Volume 3 - A Bite To Remember!

This Volume Continues the Hoenn Saga, here is a list of the episodes in it:

A Bite To Remember!

When they discover a pack of Mightyenas, Ash & Co. decide to battle them, but a trainer with a Poochyena suddenly comes and stops them telling them that the Mightyenas are her. Max and Poochyena start taking a liking to eachother, however Poochyena wants to evolve to Mightyena. Can Max help it?

The Lotad Lowdown

While playing in the lake, Ash & Co. are ambushed by a few Lotad. It turns out these Lotads are owned by the Flower Shop Sisters and are collecting Water. However Brock spots one that is having trouble doing it's job right. Can he help it out?

All Things Bright and Beautifly

Almost at Rustboro City, Ash & Co. meet a couple of trainers who are practicing for something called a Pokémon Contest, It is where you show off Pokémon's attacks and beauty and so forth. However while there, Ash learns about the Rustboro Gym Leader's Special Attacks and decides to teach Pikachu how to use Iron Tail. Can he do this?

All In A Day's Wurmple

After their experiences of Pokémon Contests, May decides she wants a Beautifly, luckily she sees a Wurmple and wants to capture it, but it gets away. Can She get it? Meanwhile, while waiting for May to return, Ash is challenged to his first Double Battle. Can he win it?

Gotta Rule The School

In Rustboro City, Ash & Co. meet Roxanne, the Rustboro Gym Leader. It turns out she runs a school and gives everyone a tour. May gets to sit in on a lesson about Pokémon Contests, Ash views the Pokémon Battling and goes to practice Pikachu's Iron Tail and Max has some lessons about the basics of Pokémon. Will everyone have fun?

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