Volume 4 - Stairway To Devon!

This Volume Continues the Hoenn Saga, here is a list of the episodes in it:

Winner By A Nosepass!

After their exploits at the Pokémon School, Ash finally challengeds Roxanne to a Gym Battle. She uses Rock Pokémon and it is a 2 on 2 Battle. She uses Geodude and Nosepass...Will Ash be able to beat her?

Stairway To Devon

After accidentally breaking the PokéNav, Max goes out to see if he can buy another one. However there, he meets the president of the Devon Corporation who gives him a tour...however things get bad when it turns out theres a theft there. Can they find out who did it?

On A Wingull And A Prayer

With the Rogue Team Aqua agent in town, it is locked down to stop people getting out. While bored, May goes and looks around and meets someone called Briney and Peeko his Wingull. It turns out that the Team Aqua person is around the docks and he kidnaps Peeko and blackmails Briney to get out of the Town. Can Ash & Co. Save him?

Sharpedo Attack

On the way to Dewford Island on Briney's Boat, they see an Island and decide to relax on it...However while relaxing they are attacked by a School of Sharpedo and they have been fenced into the Island. Can Ash & Co. get out?

Brave The Wave

Finally In Dewford Town, Ash is eager to find the Gym Leader. However it turns out the Gym Leader is busy surfing. When Ash finally convinces him to battle, he finds out he uses Fighting type Pokémon in a 2 on 2 Battle. He uses Machop and Makuhita. Can Ash Win?

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