Volume 5 - A Hole Lotta Trouble!

This Volume Continues the Hoenn Saga, here is a list of the episodes in it:

Which Wurmple Is Which?

After losing to Brawly, the Dewford Gym Leader, Ash intends to do some hard training so he can battle once again. However in fending off a Team Rocket attack, May & Jessie accidently switch their Wurmple's. Can May get her Wurmple Back?

A Hole Lotta Trouble

While Training on Dewford Island, Ash & Co. enter Granite Cave and accidently anger some Aron. They get chased, bump into Team Rocket and end up seperated. Will they be able to find their friends before Aron arrives? Or Will a Mysterious Stranger intervene?

Gone Corphishin'

While camping out after training on Dewford Island, Ash & Co. get interrupted by an underground menace who keeps causing problems around the Island. Believing it is a Pokémon, Ash intends to catch it. Will he stop it from it's mayhem?

A Corphish Outta Water

After successfully catching the mischievous Corphish, Ash decides to train it to help out in his upcoming re-match against Brawly. However Corphish ends up getting sick when Ash, Pikachu & Corphish are out training...and to make things worse, the Pokémon Center is across the river. Can Ash save his New Buddy?

A Mudkip Mission

On Dewford Island, Ash & Co. find a colony of Mudkip. When one is in Danger Brock saves it and the owner thanks him. However he mentions how some of the Mudkip are getting too old for being in the Colony and need to be taken elsewhere, Can Ash & Co. help or will Team Rocket steal them?

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