Volume 6 - A Three Team Scheme!

This Volume Continues the Hoenn Saga, here is a list of the episodes in it:

Turning Over A Nuzleaf

During Training for his rematch, Ash & Co. get seperated from their Pokémon in a cave. They try to find eachother, However in doing so, the Pokémon accidently anger a tribe of Nuzleaf who take them captive. Can they escape?

A Three Team Scheme

While Training on Dewford Island, Ash & Co. find Professor Birch of Littleroot Town. He appears to be doing some field study. However in doing so, they find a Secret Base. However Team Magma, Team Aqua & Team Rocket all have their eyes set on this base!

Seeing Is Believing

With Professor Birch with them, Ash & Co. carry on learning about Pokémon such as Seedot. However in a battle with Team Rocket, May's Silcoon evolves. Jessie is inspired by this and wants her "Silcoon" to evolve into Beautifly too...Will she realise she has a Cascoon before its too late?

Ready, Willing & Sableye

Deciding to Play a Trick on Corphish as Payback...Ash & Co. get it to go into a spooky cave in which inhabits a Sableye. However accidently while scared, Corphish accidently seperates the gang from May & Max...and to make things worse, the Sableye seems to be helping Team Rocket. Will May & Max be reunited with Ash & Brock?

A Meditite Fight

In Process of doing his training, Ash meets up with a Battle Girl, Shauna who wishes to become Brawly's Apprentice. She has a Meditite and challenges Ash to a battle. Brawly sees this and arrives...however they get caught in a storm. Will they survive?

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