Volume 7 - Abandon Ship!

This Volume Continues the Hoenn Saga, here is a list of the episodes in it:

Just One Of The Geysers

After Surviving the storm, Ash decides to re-battle Brawly in a geyser filled battlefield. Brawly uses his Machop and Hariyama whereas Ash uss his Corphish & Treecko. Will Ash Win this time?

Abandon Ship

Heading Towards Slateport City, Ash & Co. discover an abandoned ship which has a trainer on it who is looking for an old Pokémon that he had. However all is not right on the Ship as it seems haunted. Will they be able to find the missing Pokémon?

Now Thats Flower Power

Now in Slateport City, May decides she should start properly training for her Pokémon Contests as there is one in a few days. However she meets a mean rival called Drew who is also intent on winning with his Roselia. Will May complete her training?

Having A Wailord Of A Time

While May is off doing her training, Ash & Co. are looking after some starter Pokémon for Nurse Joy, however when one runs away and evolves, it poses a slight problem. Can Ash & Co. find a way round it?

Win, Lose or Drew

It's time for May's first Pokémon Contest. She is using her Beautifly and intends to win. However Drew is also participating. Will May be struck with Beginner's Luck?

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